• Unite for Action Inc.

    Economically Growing Our Communities

    Unite for Action Inc. is the parent organization for the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo (BEEDC). The BEEDC is a strategic vehicle to support Unite for Action's mission. By now, many of us, especially those of us within the African American community, are clearly aware of the problems that plague the most vulnerable members of the African American community. High incarceration rates, skyrocketing unemployment, and low academic achievement are obviously the most pressing issues to date. However, many people also feel frustrated because, as individuals, they don’t know what they can do to make a major difference, they’ve lost faith and trust in Black leadership, and they long for the days when African Americans made united and concerted efforts to take personal responsibility for their own progress. Highly-regarded members of the Black Intellectual community so eloquently explain how, why, and who is responsible for the degeneration of the African American community, but the fascination has waned. People have grown tired of eloquent speeches and intellectual debates about what is happening to African Americans, especially African American youth, who so desperately need guidance and true leadership. In fact, we all cry out for action, but what steps should we take? What should we do first? Who can we trust with our energy, commitment, time, and even our resources? Many times, we love to speak about societal and economic problems, analyze and observe from afar, but now it is time to for us to authentically unite and do something about issues that matter the most.


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